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Wellness at Laurel Circle

We embrace all facets of being truly well.

Laurel Circle fosters a thriving lifestyle that focuses on the overall wellness of its residents and improving their quality of life through dedicated exercise classes, on-site therapy services and health menu choices. It’s a comprehensive approach emphasizing the importance of nurturing four fundamental areas of a happy, whole life: improving physical fitness, expanding intellectual experiences, exploring spirituality, and increasing social interactions and connections.

Our holistic approach to healthy living brings a fresh perspective to the way we view, design and implement our wellness programs. Each is specifically created to provide a more enhanced and engaged experience for residents on all levels of living. Our entire staff is trained to work with people to increase their physical, social, spiritual and intellectual health. It’s a whole-HEALTHY community vision where everyone benefits.

To learn more, click here to request more information or set up a personal appointment. Or give us a call at 1-866-754-5952.

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