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Fitness at Laurel Circle

Staying fit means better overall health.

As part of our holistic wellness programming,  Laurel Circle offers a wide variety of programs and aerobic activities tailored for every fitness and strength level.

Gentle Movement Through a combination of stretching and yoga, gentle moves are aimed at improving flexibility and joint movement, as well as increasing circulation in the arms and legs. We also offer Tai Chi and yoga classes.

Weights Weight conditioning is designed to help you increase strength and muscle tone, lose unwanted pounds, and increase your overall balance and stability.

Bend, Bone & Balance Class Keep your bones healthy and balance sharp with full range-of-motion movements and balance activities.

Swim Class Board the Laurel Circle bus to the YMCA for a refreshing and exhilarating session of water exercise.

Mind Aerobic Activities Residents participate in brain games, including Wii Fit, puzzles, computer games and group activities. These activities are a great alternative or complement to physical exercise, and a fun and interactive way to keep your mind in shape.

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